Curious and rich of an international career in the world of fashion and decoration with Ralph Lauren, Hermès, Mackeene, for the American stores Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman New-York, Inès Lucas has developed an activity of sourcing in the world of lifestyle for about twenty years, the activity it puts at the service of its network of customers.

Passionate and creative, she connects customers, brands, designers, craftsmen, products as part of projects such as the renovation of a hotel, a partnership, or an exhibition.

At the same time, her consulting missions allow her to assert her creative vision, to collaborate with the craftsmen, manufacturers, designers she selects in the context of a specific project.The decor of the Hotel Doisy is an invitation to travel inspired by Inès Lucas, who entrusted interior architects with the task. As part of this project, she designs and creates an Art Deco style rattan headboard with the participation of the architect, manufactured at her request by Drucker, whose project she follows.

The Louis Drucker House is renewing creative orders. After the success of La Doisy Art Deco, Inès Lucas draws La Médicis herringbone for the Hotel Etche Ona then La Galway for hotel project in south of France. She has designed 5 iconics heaboards and wall decor widely reported by the international press during the many achievements of hotels and private projects.

Other collaborations are in preparation.

Connecting talents to carry out a project, developing the notoriety of a house by promoting relevant professional meetings, then maintaining this bundle of relationships for the success of a project are at the heart of his professional activity.